“Cherokee Creek saved our family. We all learned so much, but most importantly, I got my son and my family back.”

– J. K., CCBS Parent

Therapy Huts

Children need hope and a positive vision of their future. At our therapeutic boarding school, therapy is relationship and strengths-based and involves a non-punitive path of self-discovery. We help students identify and break old patterns, learn and practice new skills, understand past traumas or challenges, and replace negative thoughts and behaviors with healthy ones.

At Cherokee Creek, we believe in the inherent goodness of each student and family. Our clinical approach is focused on developing a relationship with the student, and meeting him where he is on his therapeutic journey with teaching, encouragement and support.

As a therapeutic community, we focus on healing / supportive programming, teachable moments, and building structure and routine into the student’s daily lives. Therapy sessions take place in different locations, including our therapy cabins, the porch of our lodge, or while on an off-campus experience or adventure.

Our skilled Therapists work intentionally with the students and their families to set attainable and healthy goals. This integrated approach allows students to experience growth and support throughout the entire milieu including academic classes, recreation and sports, study hall, meal times, off-campus activities, free time with peers, morning and evening routines, and transitioning back to their home.

Clinical Services at Our Therapeutic Boarding School

Comprehensive Therapy and Counseling Approach

Our licensed Therapists bring a broad range of experience, certifications and therapeutic modalities to our work with adolescents needing support. Intentional and individual attention is important for each student. Each week Therapists meet with members from our program, academic and nursing teams to review and discuss each student’s progress. During these collaborative (‘Treatment Team’) meetings, the collective team shares updates, reviews student proposals, creates effective interventions and revisits student and family-driven goals. This sharing helps to ensure that everyone is equally informed and that each student’s needs is being met in an individualized manner.

Types of Therapeutic Support

  • Individual Therapy
  • Group Therapy
  • Family Therapy
  • Neurofeedback Therapy
  • Equine Therapy (aka “Cowboy School”)


Cowboy School is for students and the entire family!

Working with horses is a beautiful way to bring our guiding principles to life for our students, including courage, leadership, truth, authenticity, love, forgiveness, doing what has heart and meaning, flexibility, discernment, and learning to be open to outcome.

Affectionately called ‘Cowboy School’, our Horsemanship Program challenges boys to progress through structured levels of horsemanship, learning skills such as horse grooming, harnessing, roping, riding as leaders and riding as passengers.

Learning these practical techniques helps students develop life lessons about building relationships including facing fears, practicing courage, learning effective communication, understanding the nature of perception, perseverance, respect, discipline, patience and compassion … for both himself and his horse.

All students participate in our Horsemanship Program and during Family Seminar events, we offer Family Horsemanship to the family as well. It’s a great adventure in building confidence and self-esteem … and a new and exciting experience for most boys and their families.

This is a truly healing experience for the entire family!

Medical and Psychiatric Support

Our nursing team offers an additional layer of care for our students. They can maintain medical charts, administer medication, assess illness and injury, and lead the communication with our psychiatrist, pharmacy and any other local medical professionals. They also provide loving, kind words of assurance when the students face the typical scrapes and bumps of being an active teenage boy.


We collaborate with a psychiatrist to support medication needs. Services include psychiatric assessment, as well as the selecting, initiating and modification of medications. Our nursing team prepares thorough information for the psychiatrist, including progress summary notes from the weekly Treatment Team meetings as well as summaries of progress from each member of the academic team and the lead therapist. Parents have the opportunity to speak directly with the psychiatrist and remain responsible for offering permission for any additions or adjustments to medications.

Health and safety are core standards on our campus and in our community … and are a significant part of the Cherokee Creek Difference. We have chosen to be both Licensed by the State of South Carolina and accredited by The Joint Commission. Both certifications include welcomed safety protocol surrounding background checks for all employees / SLED checks, consistent and varied safety-related training for all staff and facility requirements that include regular fire and DHEC safety inspections.

Cherokee Creek Boys School Therapy Program

Transition Services

Preparing for life after Cherokee Creek! We offer transition services for our students and their entire family.

As students wrap up their time at Cherokee Creek, they participate in our Transition Services Program. This program is designed to prepare students for success post-CCBS. It includes individual and group work with our Transition Coach, practicing more responsibility in campus life, leadership opportunities and an elevated digital citizenship curriculum.

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