Our Program

— CCBS Program Overview —

Cherokee Creek Boys School is a nationally-accredited program that is designed to support boys ages 10 –15 in grades 5 –10. We strive to help our students and their families rediscover a sense of hope and optimism for their future.

Our Program is grounded in three Core PillarsFamily, Nature and being Boy-Friendly. We use two special models to create balance and harmony … The PATH and THE MEDICINE WHEEL.

Our year-round, integrated program facilitates growth and discovery using a model to create balance and harmony with a focus on Personal Enrichment, Academics, Therapy and Health & Recreation. We call this the P.A.T.H.
Cherokee Creek Boys School Program | The P.A.T.H.

Our character-development curriculum is the foundation for each student’s and family’s journey.

This model is based on the values of Courage, Truth, Love and Wisdom. We call this the Medicine Wheel.

Cherokee Creek Boys School Program | Medicine Wheel Values

The P.A.T.H. and Medicine Wheel models are woven into daily life at Cherokee Creek.

Personal Enrichment

An important part of adolescent development is Personal Enrichment. We offer a wide range of activities for students to continue exploring their existing interests and to develop new skills and hobbies.

Activities include music, arts, languages, board games and community service.


Our nationally-accredited Academic Program is designed to address the educational challenges and strengths of adolescent boys in grades 5 –10.

We offer small class sizes, individual learning plans and we integrate our character development into the curriculum.

Our team brings a variety of experience and skills to the classroom. They are dedicated to building relationships with students, which is a key ingredient to academic success.


Cherokee Creek is a therapeutic community, where healing, supportive programming, teachable moments, structure and routine are intentionally built into every aspect of the students’ daily lives.

At CCBS, Therapy is redefined. Therapy includes ongoing teachable moments as students build relationships, participate in activities, and projects, explore the world around them and experience success.

Our strengths-based and relational model offers support for the whole family on the journey of self discovery.

Health & Recreation

Adolescent boys need to move their bodies and engage in activities … and Health & Recreation is the key.

Our students remain active throughout the day with a variety of team sports, individual hobbies, time in nature and opportunities to play.

Our nursing team is actively involved in each student’s journey offering nurturing, coordinating care and monitoring their growth!

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