Health and Recreation

Children still need a childhood with dirt, mud, puddles, trees, sticks and tadpoles.

– Brook Hampton

At Cherokee Creek Boys Boarding School, we know that boys are built for action and it’s good for them to stay on the move.

That’s why our program includes activities and fun on campus and throughout our region. The wide range of activities allow our students to explore the mountains, lakes, rivers and the community as part of our local playground!

The Health and Recreation activities at our boys boarding school include:​

Outdoor Recreation

Our campus and beautiful surrounding areas give the boys lots of opportunities for moving and enjoying nature, including: swimming, hiking, canoeing, kayaking, rock climbing, tubing, ropes courses and fishing.

Our Treks Program

Each weekend a team of boys pack up their camping gear and head into the great outdoors with our Trek leaders to challenge themselves against “the mighty forces of nature.” The boys love getting off campus to camp and participate in any of the outdoor recreation options listed above.

Sports Teams

We participate in team sports provided by our local recreation department including basketball, soccer and flag football. We also have sports that are offered on a rotating and seasonal basis, including: disc golf, pickle-ball, adventure sports, archery, lacrosse, softball, tennis, volleyball, flag football, cross country, bowling, track and golf. And, we continue to add new activities as boys and staff indicate an interest!

Daily Free Play

You may have noticed that the concept of “recess” has disappeared from many schools, but at CCBS we know that boys benefit from being active and being able to explore their interests every day. Whether it’s shooting hoops, exploring the creek or hanging out on the front porch, we make sure there is time for free play each day.

We also have a “second campus” that is a 10-minute hike over the hill. This area offers a full soccer field, a 12-hole disc golf course and beautiful natural areas to explore. This is also where we offer our Horsemanship program, which challenges boys to develop communication skills, empathy, leadership and patience.

The Koblick House / Lodge is located in this beautiful part of our campus. The lodge provides additional space when it’s time to watch movies, play games or participate in activities for our “Passages” program … which helps them prepare for their journey toward graduation.

At CCBS, we believe in the importance of balance and variety for our students, so we make sure that movement, activities, fun, nature and downtime are a key part of their experience.

CCBS Health and Recreation Sports Collage