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We enroll students in grades 5 through 10 and ages 10 – 15 (a student may turn 16 while enrolled). On average, our students are enrolled with us for 12 – 15 months. Each student’s enrollment length varies based on their own experiences and needs.

Our admissions process doesn’t follow a traditional academic calendar. Instead, our rolling admissions process allows us to accept students year-round on an individual basis.

Christy Swafford is our Admission Director. She will be happy to share more information and answer your questions about our school and program. You can reach her at (770) 654-1241 [click-to-call].

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A Message from Christy …

Christy Swafford - Cherokee Creek Boys School - Boarding School Admissions Director

Christy Swafford
Cherokee Creek Admissions Director
(770) 654-1241 [click to call]

Dear Parents and Families,

Thank you so much for taking the time to learn more about our wonderful program at Cherokee Creek Boys School.

We know that selecting a therapeutic school for your son can be an emotional and difficult journey. You probably have a lot of questions and all of your questions are important! Please know that we are available to support you every step of the way.

I look forward to connecting with you to share more about our ‘small school with a big heart’ and to learn more about your son and family.

If you feel that your son or family member would benefit from our program, here are a few things to help guide your next steps in our Admission Process.

Our Admission Process

Please Note: These steps are progressive, but don’t always have to be in this order.

1) PLEASE CALL ME … Christy Swafford, Admissions Director at (770) 654-1241. If I’m not available at the time of your call, please leave a detailed message and I’ll be sure to return your call promptly.
2) REVIEW PAPERWORK / TESTING: After a preliminary phone call, it is helpful for us to review any testing, (for example, we may recommend or ask for an IEP / 504 Plan / or testing), psychological reports, or other documentation that you have available about your son. It may also be helpful for us to speak with other professionals who have supported your family (home therapists, teachers, educational consultants, and/or other program professionals).
3) COMPLETE the APPLICATION: It is helpful for us to have an online application completed before touring campus. Thorough information is important so we can work together to determine if Cherokee Creek will be a healthy opportunity for your son and family. Please Note: This is an online application, but it is initiated through us at Cherokee Creek.
4) SCHEDULE a TOUR: We are happy to schedule a tour of our campus for you and any of your family so you can meet our team and students and feel “The Cherokee Creek Difference”. A tour is not mandatory for parents or students, but we do know that touring is a helpful part of the process for most parents.

Tour Tips: We are located in Westminster, South Carolina, which is relatively close to Atlanta, GA, Greenville, SC, and Asheville, NC.

  • Our closest airports are Atlanta and Greenville.
  • If using the Atlanta airport, we recommend looking for lodging in Lavonia, GA. It is convenient to the school for your tour (and also helps to avoid Atlanta traffic).
  • If using the Greenville / Spartanburg Airport, lodging in Clemson or Seneca is recommended.

5) SCHEDULE an ENROLLMENT DATE: If you and the Cherokee Creek team feel that our program will be the right match for your son, the next step is to establish a timeframe for enrollment. We recommend that enrollments take place Monday through Thursday with arrivals mid-morning. Please let us know if any circumstances may require an alternate schedule.

Thanks again for your interest in Cherokee Creek Boys School. We look forward to speaking with you soon to answer any questions you may have.

Christy Swafford, Admissions Director at (770) 654-1241

Cherokee Creek Boys School Map
198 Cooper Road | Westminster, SC 29693 US | Click to Call CCBS: (864) 647-1885 | Fax: (866) 399-1869


CCBS Therapeutic Boarding School Fact Sheet

CCBS Fact Sheet
Therapeutic Boarding School

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CCBS Therapeutic Boarding School Family Handbook

CCBS Family Handbook
Therapeutic Boarding School

In our overview of the CCBS experience, you will find tuition information, daily schedule, policies, and many other helpful details.

Click the image or HERE to download our CCBS Family Handbook.