Meet CCBS Social Studies Teacher, Larry Printz

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Teaching CCBS Style |  ‘Meet the Teachers’ Series

At CCBS, we celebrate our teachers year-round! We invite you to learn more about “Teaching CCBS Style” in our blog feature where we highlight each of our teachers and their approach to making a difference in the lives of our CCBS students.

Larry Printz, Social Studies Teacher at Cherokee Creek Boys School

First up, we invite you to meet our Social Studies Teacher, Larry Printz.

If you walk into the CCBS lodge on a weekday, you may find yourself walking past a group of boys gathered around the fireplace learning about history, geography and the U.S. Constitution.

We sat down with Larry Printz, our Social Studies teacher, to learn more about how he makes learning interesting, engaging and special for our students.

Larry, what is your approach to teaching at CCBS

I teach with a spirit of curiosity and patience and show respect to each student. I use a combination of teaching methods including: interactive online programs, group projects, quizzes on Kahoots (a game-based learning program) and allowing the boys to watch ‘History Channel’ videos on the couches around the fireplace. I love teaching around the fireplace because the environment helps students relax and not think of it as a traditional school. I also bring humor to the classroom. Humor can get you through some of the hardest times of your life and I hope that I model that for the boys.

Tell us about the journey that brought you to CCBS …

I grew up in Virginia and West Virginia, graduated from Toccoa Falls College in Georgia, with Psychology and Christian Counseling Degrees, and then earned a Master’s Degree in Education Counseling at Clemson. But my journey was not without challenges. Growing up, I struggled with nervous energy (now called ADHD). It was very detrimental to my mental health and I failed two grades. I am grateful that sports and a few teachers helped me and enabled me to turn my life around.

In 7th grade, I discovered a love for sports and joined the track team. My grades weren’t good enough to go to college, but my running coaches took a special interest in me and helped me take additional classes that got me into Junior College. They made a huge difference in my life.

In college I continued to enjoy running cross country and track, and even hit some impressive milestones (including a 4:03 mile run), but I still struggled to find my way. After my college eligibility ran out, I went in another direction. I moved to Alabama, became a manager at Pizza Hut, got married and then moved to Mexico for two years. Then I returned to the U.S. and completed my undergraduate and Master’s Degrees. After college, I worked in mental health / counseling at a few middle schools and then took a break for a few years. I realized I wanted to get back to teaching but not necessarily in the public-school setting and CCBS offered me a unique opportunity.

What do you think makes CCBS different … or special?

I think three things stand out that really make CCBS a special school:

    1. The staff are professionals who understand the struggle that students face. We accept students for who they are and approach teaching with a spirit of no blame or judgment. I am amazed every day by how supportive our staff is to the students and to each other.
    2. The parents care about the academic and emotional success of their children.
    3. And our students … when the light comes on for a child, when they stop the struggle and are on the way to healing, it is a wonderful thing to witness.