Teacher Appreciation

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This month, Cherokee Creek Boys School is excited to join many people across the country to celebrate Teacher Appreciation Week.

The celebration is a special time dedicated to giving teachers the extra credit they deserve. The NEA, (National Educators Association) created the event which they describe as a time to honor teachers and recognize the lasting contributions they make to our lives. 

Students at Cherokee Creek Boys School

Teacher Appreciation Week is officially recognized as the first full week of May, but at CCBS Academic Learning is such a critical part of our program, we like to honor our teachers throughout the year.

Our Academic Dean, Calvin Croxton reminds us that the teachers themselves are the critical pillar to our CCBS approach to learning.

“At CCBS, our teaching team has great experience, education and credentials. They need to know their subject matter, but there is an important and much bigger piece of the puzzle. To really help a student, it is important to remember that most students don’t care how much you KNOW until they know how much you CARE. Caring about each student is a critical and core pillar of our teaching style at CCBS.

To Each Member of Our CCBS Academic Teamthank you for …

  • Larry Printz | Your dedication to social studies, bringing history to life and helping students understand the world around them
  • Sam Taylor | Your passion for science, igniting curiosity and fostering a love for discovery
  • Cameron Kerr | Your incredible relationship-building skills, inspiring creativity and critical thinking through the power of words
  • Nick Linscott | Guiding students through mathematical concepts with patience and skill, while also helping students prepare for life after CCBS
  • Holly Hamilton | Your creativity in art, nurturing talent and self-expression
  • Casey Scott | Your melodious influence in music and cultivating a harmonious environment where students explore the language of sound
  • Chrissy Kizer | The invaluable support you bring as a tutor, offering guidance and encouragement to students as they navigate academic challenges
  • Caleb Hawkins | Your role as Academic Coordinator, ensuring that our records are well-maintained, standardized testing occurs, engaging students in and out of the classroom, and for wearing multiple hats around the campus
  • Calvin Croxton | The care and leadership that you consistently bring to the academic department
Cherokee Creek Boys School Teacher Appreciation Photos
Thank You Graphic with Envelope and Pencils

Thank you to our Academic Team for embodying the spirit of excellence, dedication and compassion that defines Cherokee Creek Boys School. You go above and beyond to inspire, motivate and empower our students, leaving an indelible mark on their lives. You make a difference!

If you had a teacher that made a difference in your life, Teacher Appreciation Week reminds each of us that it’s a great time to reach out to them and say THANK YOU!