Nature, Fishing and Mental Health

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Plug Into Nature!

Cherokee Creek Boys School Mental Health Fishing Collage

Fishing can be a very relaxing and enjoyable activity, but did you know that it also can have a very positive impact on your mental health?

According to professional fisherman, Kenneth Reeves, fishing has always been calming and rejuvenating but it also helped him move through times in his life when he was experiencing anxiety, loss or depression.

At Cherokee Creek, we “unplug” boys from technology and plug them into nature … and they LOVE fishing!

In this blog post, Kenneth gives his first-hand account of how fishing can:

  • Improve Physical and Emotional Health
  • Offer Stress Relief
  • Teach Resilience
  • Help us to Connect with Others

Learn more about  how  fishing and nature can support each of us on our emotional  journey from Kenneth Reeves guest blog post on NAMI’s (The National Alliance on Mental Illness) blog.  Check it out HERE!

And may we each CHALLENGE OURSELVES to pick up a fishing pole – or – just get out in nature and give ourselves a chance to decompress and take a deep breath!

Source: “The Surprising Mental Health Benefits of Fishing” by Kenneth Reaves – 1/28/22