CCBS Celebrates 21 Years!

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Reflecting Back on Our 20th Anniversary!

LOOKING BACK … one year ago we celebrated our 20th anniversary!

Beth and Ron Black, Founders, on 20th Anniversary

Beth and Ron Black as they celebrate the 20th anniversay of CCBS!

On May 6th, we celebrated our 21st birthday. As we look ahead to the next year, we wanted to take a moment and look back to one of the most special, important and fun moments in our CCBS history. During the first week of May … one year ago (2023) … we celebrated a major milestone … our 20th anniversary!

We had a special birthday gathering of more than 45 alumni families, 20 current families, and 52 staff members who traveled from 14 states and 3 countries to join a weekend to celebrate 20 years!

It was exciting time to reminisce, celebrate and share their stories about the impact that Cherokee Creek Boys School has had on the lives of so many students, families and staff.

The five-day Birthday Celebration in May 2023 was a special gathering that included:

  • Our Family Seminar and Student Graduation for new / current CCBS families.
  • A special learning session for families featuring author, speaker and brain science expert, Michael Gurian, including research and information about how boys and girls learn and process information in different ways and how that impacts the challenges that boys face in the world today.
  • Alumni along with current families and students gathered for a celebration lunch and participated in our Honorable Closure Session around the Fire Circle to honor the graduating students.
  • The celebration continued the next day on campus with a gathering around the lodge fireplace to hear stories and meaningful moments about Cherokee Creek’s 20-year journey from Beth Black (founder) and David Lepere (director).
  • The highlight of the weekend was an incredible dinner / celebration at the Lakeside Lodge in Seneca where 165 members of the CCBS family came together to officially celebrate the 20th Anniversary! The evening was filled with stories, testimonials and fun, including honoring our founders, Beth and Ron Black, for starting the school 20 years ago and staying committed to the school as it grew and served over 500 students and families through the years.

Our founders / owners, Beth and Ron Black, summed up the anniversary for many of us by saying, “It was a celebration and a special moment that we will NEVER forget!”

20th Anniversary Celebration